Tuesday, November 24, 2015

From Envelope to Planner Goodies

Hi Friends!  It’s Ruthie sharing with you some of the projects I’ve been working on with the HappieScrappie Planner Kit for October.  In today’s post, I decided to focus on different ways of using the cute packaging the kit comes in.  Sam recently changed the packaging and it now comes in an adorable envelope.  I wanted to create something with it as soon as I saw the adorable print! 
The first thing I did was cut the envelope open through the sides.  One of the easiest things to create was a dashboard.  All I did was cut one of the envelope flaps to size! The next step was to laminate and hole-punch.  Although the kit itself comes with an adorable dashboard, it’s always nice to have extra options.
This left me with one side of the envelope and the flap.  With the other flat side of the envelope, I created a pocket.  One can never have too many pockets in a planner either.  I simply trimmed it a bit, folded in half and cut open one of the slits from the top to make the “opening.”  (I hope this is making sense.)  If you would like a more detailed tutorial, let me know in the comments and I’ll take pictures of the process.  I used double stick crafting tape to stick the sides together, hole punched it and filled it up with adorable happiescrappie stickers!!  The envelope is made of really think cardstock so the pocket came out nice and sturdy. 
Another easy project to make with the scraps was a page marker.  I used one of the page markers from my Filofax as a pattern and simply traced it onto the watermelon paper. I did the same process as with the dashboard; laminated and hole punched it.  You can use stamps or sticky notes to further embellish it!
So I still had little bits and pieces of the envelope left and decided nothing would go to waste!!  I cut out two little watermelons and created a paper clip to match the whole set.  I used hot glue to adhere the paper to the paperclip and voila!  I then turned to my trusty Xyron sticker maker to make stickers out of some of the other watermelon cut-outs.  I’ll probably use the stickers throughout my layouts or in pocket letters. 
I had so much fun with this kit—and that was only using the cute envelope Sam created to ship our goodies in!!  I hope to share how I used the adorable stationery bits in the kit during the next blog post.  Feel free to share your comments and ideas on my Instagram page @threadofhearts!!  Until next time —Happie Planning!! 


Thursday, November 19, 2015

Easy DIY Using Happie Scrappie Goodies

Hello, it’s Mits here to show you a quick and easy DIY using some of the items received in my kit last month.  But first, here is what my planner spread looks like this week. 
I dissected a page from the monster theme fauxdori insert.  Since the holidays are soon approaching, I have to-dos up the wazoo (lol it rhymes), so I decided to use this super cute page that allowed me to write down my long list.  As always, I used the stickers from Happie Scrappie for the days.
Here is what my spread looks like.  Unfortunately, it is already almost full (>_<).
Thanks to an organized planner, I can keep everything in check.
If you enjoy watching Plan With Me type of videos, please feel free to watch one that I filmed a couple of weeks ago: 
I wanted to share with you a quick DIY project using the super cute tags that were in last month’s kit.
It all starts with dusting off my laminating machine. I remember when I first got it, I had so many ideas.  Unfortunately, I haven’t been giving it much love lately.  This was a perfect opportunity to start using it for this super easy DIY project. 

The first thing is to make sure all the holes are punched out.   
I am using the laminate film that I got from Daiso. It includes 14 sheets of A4 laminate paper.
After cutting and punching the tags, you can put them in your planner as pretty decoration or even to add a bit of motivation to your daily life. You can also gift them to your friends.  I decided to take out some of the washi tape that I had and put these pretty tags to good use.  I think one of the issues with not using my washi is that I have a hard time co-ordinating the washi together.  I took some washi that worked well together and wrapped them around the tag.  
And when you’re done with them, you can put them in your planners or organizers. I think the washi sample tags are a great gift for penpals and friends as well.   
I currently house these washi tape tags in my super soft and cute watermelon pouch along with some other washi samples I received from my sweet friend. It’s perfect!  
If you end up doing this super easy DIY project, don’t forget to tag me @mylifemits and Sam @happiescrappie.  Why not share the washi love with your friends all over the world :) 
Until next time, I hope you are staying warm :) Much love, xoxo Mits

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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Exprimiendo El Kit De Frutas / Squeezing The Fruit Kit

Exprimiendo el kit de frutas

Buenos días! Soy Maria de nuevo, y hoy vengo a contaros qué se me ha ocurrido hacer para exprimir el kit de octubre.
No os pasa que cada mes pensáis “éste es mi favorito. Nada que se le ocurra a Sam va a gustarme más”  y al final, llega el mes siguiente y es mejor aún? A mi me pasa tooooodos los meses.

Good Morning! Here Maria again, and today I am going to tell you what I did to to squeeze the October fruit kit.
Don't you think that every month passed "this is my favorite". The planner kit from Happie Scrappie has been improving from time to time, thanks to Sam's creative mind. Frr me, aaaaaall months.

Bueno, os cuento, este mes conseguí hacerme con uno de los confettidoris de Teddi (sí! Soy una chica con suerte, YAY!) Así que me dije, tengo que hacer algo diferente con éste. Como ya sabéis, odio hacer la compra, pero cocinar, si tengo tiempo, me gusta bastante. Desgraciadamente, a diario voy siempre como loca y terminamos comiendo muy mal, así que he decido hacerme con una guía de recetas fáciles y rápidas para comer  mejor. Así que el insert va a ser mi “libro de recetas” sanas. Además, nunca es tarde (o muy pronto) para la “operación bikini”, verdad?

Well, I tell you, this month I got one of the Limited Edition Confettidori (yes, I'm a lucky girl, YAY!) So I said, I have to do something different with it. As you know, I hate groceries, but cooking, if I have time, I enjoy it a lot. Unfortunately, every day I always go crazy and ended up eating very un-healthy, so I decided to get myself a guide for quick and easy recipes to eat healthier. So the insert will be my healthy "cookbook" recipes. Besides, it's never too late (or too early) for "Bikini Operation", right?
Aquí tenéis un collage con mis primeras recetas, todas súper sencillitas y rápidas, y también un listado de los platos que nos gustan y cocino a menudo, con todos los ingredientes, para no olvidarme de nada cuando voy a mi (odiada) compra semanal.

Como veis he hecho unos marca páginas con los Post it de frutas, un troquel de círculo, los note pads, y un cordón (o cinta decorativa).

Primero he laminado los troquelados y post it y luego he hecho una pequeña incisión, donde he puesto la cinta decorada y la he pegado, no hay misterio!

También con los troquelados de los notepads he hecho un par de clips, soy fan de estas frutas.

Here's a collage with my first recipes, all easy and fast, and also a list of dishes that we like and cook often, with all the ingredients, not to forget anything when I go to my (hated) weekly visit to grocery.

As you see I have made some page marker with fruit Sticky Notes, a cicle punch , the note pads, and a cord (or decorative tape).

First I laminated the sticky notes and punched notepads, then I made a small incision, where I put the decorate tape and glue it, there is no mystery!

Also with the circle puncher, I punched the notepads and I made a couple of clips, I'm a fan of these fruits.
Y por último, he preparado la semana con las mil tareas que me esperan, y un montón de pegatinas que tengo de éste y de los kits anteriores. Soy la única a la que le encantan todas y le da pena usarlas?

And last, I prepared for the upcoming week, with the thousand tasks that await me, and lots of stickers that I have from this and previous kits. I am the only one who loves all and she is embarrassed to use them?
Como siempre, quería daros las gracias por estar ahí y os invito a que os unáis al grupo de Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/happiescrappie/  Cada día somos más y sois realmente creativas!

As always, I wanted to say thanks for being there and I invite you to join the Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/happiescrappie/
I am so happy that the group has been growing each and every day and all of you are really creative!

Illia SV https://www.facebook.com/SvIlia1?fref=nf )
También, si usáis Instagram, compartáis vuestras creaciones con #happiescrappie y #happiescrappieplannerkit

Also, if you use Instagram, you are welcome to share your creations by using #happiescrappie and #happiescrappieplannerkit

Un beso a todas!

Kisses to all and Happie planning! 

Things that I used in this blog post.
Fruits Pouch
Fruits Page Marker and Dashboard

Fruit Theme Tags

Long and Mini Notepads

Thursday, November 12, 2015

A Happie Weekly Layout

Hello! It is Wan back on the blog and today, I am going to share with you how I use some of the goodies from the Happiescrappie October kit to create a weekly layout in my Happy Planner. 

If you follow me on IG, you would know I use the same basic layout every week and therefore, I don’t have to waste any time planning it. I use the top row for my weekly goals, to-dos and scheduled appointments in my 7 focus areas for the week. it serves as my overview of the week and I refer to it as the week progresses to make sure I am getting what I planned to get done done. I find that it keeps me focused and more organised than I would be otherwise. I have gotten this idea from Sierra (aka @plannerfriend on IG) right when I first started on this planning journey and I have found it SO useful that I have never strayed from it. As for the second row, it is for all my appointments and scheduled events while the last row is dedicated to my to-dos for the day.

To create my layout, I started by laying down the washi from the washi tape set included in the kit. I chose the pink and white one to match the ink colours that I had selected for the week (Versamagic Pink Petunia and Pretty Petunia).
I then used the to-do stickers from the kit to label the last row (I used one on each page as you would see in a later pic when I zoom out).
Next, I used some banner stickers of my own that I have laying around to cover up the headers in the top row. I chose them because they were very close in colour to the stickers Sam included in her kit, thereby ensuring a coordinated look. Once that was done, I was ready to customise the layout further with some stamping. To do this, I removed the pages from the planner first so that the rings would not get in the way. I then stamped in lines and checklists using stamps from My Favorite Things.
When all the stamping was done, I moved on to the sidebar and used two stickers and a white Signo Uniball pen to mark out two separate areas, one for the people I need to make contact with through the week and the other to track my purchases (primarily to make sure I don’t go overboard!).
With that done, the layout in the pages of the Happy Planner was complete.
However, I still needed a place for meal planning and for tracking my water intake and this was where the long note pad included in the kit came in handy for making a dashboard/insert tailored to these purposes. To customise the note pad, I used the little dot stickers that I have left over from a previous kit to mark out the days of the week. I then stamped a cutlery icon (from My Favourite Things) for the meals (I only plan dinner because that is our only family meal) and water glasses (from Sweet Stamp Shop) to track my hydration.
I also thought it would be fun to glue a page from another long Happiescrappie notepad that I bought to the notepad page that I had customised with stamping. Having two pages glued together meant that it was a tiny bit less flimsy, and it helped to keep things interesting.
I then finished the insert/dashboard off by laminating it. Doing so meant that it would be durable and reuseable. I use sharpies to write on it (and rubbing alcohol to erase the writing), but you can also use dry erase markers or vis-a-vis markers.
With the insert/dashboard completed, I now have everything that I need to plan and track what I want for the week. To give everyone a sense of what they look like in use, I have attached pictures of both the Happy Planner and the insert/dashboard all filled in.
The Happy Planner:

The insert/dashboard:
And that is it from me for today. I hope the post has given you some ideas on how you can use your Happiescrappie goodies. Have a great day and Happie planning!


Things I used in this blog post.
Long Notepads
Mini Dew Drops Stickers
Fruit Washi Tape Stripes
Mini Round Dot Stickers

Monday, November 9, 2015

Creative Ways of Using Happie Scrappie Notepads

Hi folks, it’s Lucy again on the blog today. I hope everyone is having an awesome day at the moment. I can’t believe it is November already and we are so close to the festive season. How time flies!
As most of the subscribers had received their October Happie Scrappie Planner Kits by now, I want to share on how I use mine. The most exciting goodies from the planner kit will always be the new stuffs that Sam included in the kit.
For October, there are a few new items that Sam has never included before such as tags, dashboard made to fit to traveler notebook, mini notepads and long notepads. The ones that caught my eyes so quickly are the mini notepads and long notepads. They are so lovely! I am not sure how many of you bought the extra mini notepads and the long notepads. But I did purchase some extra notepads both mini and long ones – each for every design, because they are just too adorable! I'm sure many of you out there will agree with me! I need this cuteness in my life, well I need them for planning purposes. 

Let's start by showing you how I use the notepads, both the long and the mini ones in my Happy Planner. 
So I had prepared a dashboard from a scrapbook paper so that I have extra section in my happy planner. This section is dedicated for my healthy living lifestyle.
I took a piece of the mini notepad from each design (to do, plan it and love list).
“To Do” is basically just for the purpose of writing down to do list in order to attain the healthy and fit goals.
I used “Plan It” as the area that I laid out my motivation. I used motivational quote stamps and stamped them on the mini notepad. I love inserting motivational quotes in my planner layout. This step ensures that I stay focus on the goals I wish to achieve and do not get sidetracked easily.
Last but not least, the “Love List” notepad is the area where I actually listed down the reasons I love to be fit and healthy.
Then I added the long notepads as a workout tracker. All I needed to do was to stamp the words Monday to Saturday in each of the row. I did not stamp the word Sunday, as Sunday is my rest day. After this, I stamped the alphabet Y and N to indicate Yes and No respectively. For the final step, I just stamped the checklist boxes below the Y and N stamps on each row. 
To add more decoration to the dashboard, I decided to include the tags that came with the planner kit. 
Here it is the fully decorated dashboard. I really love the DIY Dashboard. Not only has it served as a motivation to stay healthy and fit but also it helped me to stay focused on accomplishing the results I want to see. 
I hope this post has given you some inspiration on how to use your notepads. There are so many ways you can utilize the notepads. I use it for to do list at home, at work, shopping list and wish list and slot them into my Happy Planner.
I definitely want to see everyone’s creativity in using the notepads. Do tag me or post it on Happie Scrappie Facebook and Instagram. Wishing everyone a fruitful week ahead. See you next time.


Things that I used in this blog post.
Long and Mini Notepads
Washi Tape Stripes
Tutti Frutti Tags