Friday, August 28, 2015

Utilizing Happie Scrappie Planner Kit on Erin Condren Life Planner

Hi everyone! I’m Cindy Guentert-Baldo (@llamaletters on Instagram and Cindy Guentert on Youtube) and I am so excited to have been asked to write a guest post for Happie Scrappie today. I’ve been a fan girl of hers for nearly a year now – her Happie Planner kit is one of my favorite packages to get in the mail each month!

Because I’m such a fan, I tend to talk about her kits a lot on Facebook and Instagram, and when I talk about them, I tend to get lots of questions. See, even though I receive the Personal size kit from Sam every month, my main planner is an Erin Condren horizontal layout. This means that a lot of the planner girls I interact with tend to also have spiral bound planners rather than binder style, and since the kits I receive are geared towards the Filofax/Kate Spade/etc crew, I often find myself explaining to the spiral bound crowd why I love the Happie Scrappie kits so much. So, rather than showing a layout with all of the Happie Scrappie stuff everywhere, I decided to show some of the ways I incorporate the items in the kit into my every day spiral planning.

After all, Sam’s stuff is so cute it should be used in every style of planner, ring bound, spiral bound, or otherwise!

One of the items that is almost always included is a set of adorable page flags or sticky markers. I love these. They are probably the most used accessory for me, not just in my planner, but in my everyday life. One of my favorite uses for them is marking events ahead of time so that, in case times change, I don’t have to do some fancy covering with washi tape or big old scribbles to cover it up! The hedgehogs from this month’s kit are especially adorable, so much so that I had to hide them from my 11 year old so she wouldn’t run off with them!

I’ve been loving the stickers Sam has been designing for the kits lately – I tend to use functional rather than decorative stickers in my planning and it is always a treat to have such happy colors to go with the function. Most days I put the top two “to do” items for that day under the date on my layout, and the envelope stickers from this month fit perfectly and match the colors so beautifully.

Generally my monthly layout is pretty boring. I use it to keep track of appointments and meetings, but I don’t spend a lot of time making it look fancy… Until this month! I stamped on the fox labels from this month’s kit with chalk ink and stamps from the studio L2e “list it” kit and put them in my sidebar to make a list of priorities for the month. I also couldn’t help but add a little decoration with the fox quote cards and owl stickers from August, as well as the polka dot washi from a previous kit. It’s still not super fancy, but it is waaaay more decorated than usual.

I’ve been struggling to decide what to do with the monthly note pages in my new Erin Condren… I was super excited to have them as a feature, but now that I have them I keep drawing a blank. (Of course.) The little labels Sam did for this month’s kit inspired me (side note: KEEP MAKING THESE I LOVE THEM) to create a list for my Konmari project I am starting up next month. I stamped using black ink with the studio l2e stamps and added dots from the previous month’s Happie Scrappie kits to serve as check boxes. I also used one of the gel stick highlighters from Sam’s shop to add some color to my lettering – these highlighters don’t bleed, blend with water and work to add really cool effects. I love them. I also can’t speak highly enough of the pens Sam sends in her kits. The fine point and gel ink always write so well, I hoard these pens and save them for special occasions!

I guess the hoarding is another sign I need to Konmari. ;-) (If you don’t know what it is, check out the book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo.)

For the next couple of months I need to track work hours. In the past, I have used a coil clip to add a journaling card into my planner for this purpose. This month, though, the die cut animal cards from the kit were way too cute to not use for this. Plus, the ears work as a great bookmark! I added a flag (with a dollar bill stamp from Tiny Stamps Big Plans) and one of the doodle stickers from this month to jazz it up. I also used one of the big sticky notes to hide my info from all of you stalkers out there. (Don’t think I don’t notice you looking! I’m kidding, I’m kidding.)

These aren’t the only ways I’ve used Happie Planner kit items in my Erin Condren, just some of the most recent ones. Believe me, her kit is so worth the (very reasonable) price every month, even if you don’t use a binder system. If you don’t use one at all I might recommend the Traveler’s Notebook insert kit, since those inserts function just fine as a little notebook.

I, however, actually do use a personal size Color Crush planner for challenges, so I do have a use for the fabulous inserts Sam sends. The paper… I can’t go on enough about the paper. It is so thick and luxurious, it is nearly cardstock. Sam’s paper is a lettering girl’s dream. That’s why I’ve used the inserts in the past as a base for my #listersgottalist challenge. The inserts and panda stickers here came from a previous kit, while the page reinforcers come from Sam’s shop. I just love her inserts, and each month the style is different (this month’s kit was week on one page and a blank page, and I haven’t quite decided how to use those yet) but the paper is always wonderful. Did I mention I love the paper??

I hope I have given you some ideas on how to use the items from the Happie Planner kit even if you don’t do the ring binder style. And thanks Sam (and Lucy) for inviting me to the blog today… Happie Planning!

Pastel Polka Dots Washi Tape
Sticky Notes

Gel Stick Highlighters

Thursday, August 13, 2015

What can you do with Happie Scrappie Planner Kit Goodies

¡Hola! Aquí María de nuevo, con un poco de inspiración (¡espero!).

Este mes de Julio ha sido Maravilloso para mi, ¡¡¡soy amante de los zorros y otros animales!!! Así que he podido hacer un montón de cosas que espero os gusten tanto como a mi.

Hello! Here Maria again, with a little inspiration (I hope!).
This July has been wonderful for me, I'm loving foxes and other animals !!! So I could do a lot of things I hope you like them as much as I do.

Durante el mes de Agosto tengo vacaciones, así que en lugar de planificar mi día a día como hago normalmente, he podido “jugar” con las cosas que tengo y las que quiero hacer, pero sin horarios! Así lo he plasmado en mi agenda A5. Me lo he pasado muy bien dibujando, estampando y poniendo pegatinas de todos los kits anteriores y de este mes, ¡claro! ¿Os habíais fijado lo bien que combinan entre sí, todas las pegatinas aunque sean de meses diferentes? ¡Me encantan! (Sam, quiero más! ;) )

During the month of August I have vacation from work, so instead of planning my day as I normally do, I "played" with the things that I have and I wanted to do, but no schedule at all! So I started with some doodling, stamping and pasting the stickers on my A5 planner with previous months' leftover goodies and this month's goodies from the planner kits. Do you see how well they combined together, with all the stickers are from different months? I love this! (Sam, I want more;))

Además, para las tareas que sí tengo que hacer a diario, o recordatorios, he usado mi agenda “personal Size” (A6) aunque me gusta el resultado, no ha sido tan divertido como la anterior…

In addition, for tasks that I have to do on a daily basis, or reminders, I used my "Personal Size" (A6) planner, I like the result, but the A5 was definitely cuter...

Con mi “insert “para fauxdori he estado jugando con sellos, pinturas de colores, washis…. Un poco de todo, ¡Y con mis sellos hechos a mano claro! Aún me sigue sorprendiendo la buenísima calidad del papel de los insert (fauxdori y demás) son los mejores, verdad?

With my fauxdori inserts, I've been decorating the inserts with stamps, colored paints, washis .... A bit of everything, and with my hand made stamps, of course! The quality of the inserts is really amazing. They are made of very good paper quality. Don't you think the quality is one of the best?

Con mis die cuts de zorro he hecho varias cosas, marca páginas y “washi sample” (Que nunca falte el washi) Para ello no he tenido más que pasar por la laminadora (plastificadora) y cortar a la medida que yo quería.

With my fox journaling cards, I've done several things such as bookmarks and "washi sample holder" (so that I will always have enough washi). I just need a laminator to laminate the fox journaling cards and cut to the size I needed.

Con dos de las cabezas de zorro quise ir más allá y hacerme mi propio clip, así que puse las cabezas enfrentadas y las pasé por la laminadora también. Luego recorté alrededor dejando un poquito de margen y doblé por la mitad. Puse unos imanes (muy finos) por dentro y voilà, ya estaba listo! De verdad que el resultado me encanta! No crees? (los imanes son de la marca “Basic Grey” seguro que en tu ciudad puedes encontrar algo parecido en tu tienda de manualidades) también hay rollos de washi que en realidad son un imán, o puedes reciclar un imán de publicidad, hay muchas posibilidades. Puedes ver un vídeo aquí :

With two pieces of Fox Journaling Cards, I wanted to go further and made my own magnetic clip, so I put the heads facing each other and I put them through the laminator. Next, I cut around leaving a bit of margin and folded the plastic in half. I put some magnet (very fine one) in between and voila, it was done! I really love the result! What do you think? 
(You can find the magnet or something similar in your craft store) there are also rolls of magnetic tape or you can recycle a advertisement on magnet, there are so many possibilities. You can watch the video here:

Con los dashboard de este mes, (¿cuál te gusta más? , ¿puedes elegir uno sólo? ¡¡Yo no!! Así que tuve que pedir dos unidades de cada…) he hecho de todo, sobres para guardar tickets y pegatinas, separadores para la agenda, y por supuesto, ¡mandar cartas a amigas! ¿Haces happy mail? ¡Deberías! Es genial abrir el buzón y encontrar un detalle de una amiga. <3

El sobre de zorro también lo he laminado, primero lo doblé para que fuese sobre y después lo plastifiqué. Con cuidado corté la zona donde lleva el “bolsillo” aún no he decidido si le haré agujeros para poner en la agenda…
Puedes ver otro vídeo aquí:

With the dashboard of this month, (Which one do you like the most?, I love all of them, So I decided to order extra two pieces for every creature) I used the dashboard for multiple purposes such as made it into envelopes to keep tickets and stickers, dashboards for the planner, and of course, sent letters to friends! Do you send happy mail? You should! I love the feeling of opening the mail box and receiving happy mails from my friends. <3

I folded the fox dashboard into a letter and laminated it. Then I carefully cut the space in between the fox stomach and the mail so that I have the space to put stickers, tickets, etc. This is to serve as a pocket. Though, I have not decided whether I will make holes to put on the planner or not ...
You can watch the video here:

También llevaba tiempo necesitando un muestrario de mis tintas, ¡tengo demasiadas! Así que corté cartulina y me hice mi propio muestrario. Decoré la portada con una de las cabezas de zorro también, ¡me parece perfecto! De un vistazo puedo ver los colores de las tintas y no volverme loca buscando la que quiero.

Since I have so many ink pads, I decided to do swatches of my ink pads. I cut the cardstocks and made them into a binding book (tiny one). Next step, I pasted one of the fox journal cards to serve as decoration purpose on the cover page of the ink sample book. This is perfect for people who have too many ink pads and having difficulty deciding which color to use.

También quiero aprender a usar mejor mis acuarelas y para ello, me hice mi propio cuaderno con papel de acuarela y un dashboard de búho de portada. Corté las hojas de acuarela con la misma forma, ¿no es genial? ¡Yo estoy encantada con el resultado!

I also wanted to learn how to use my watercolors (best) and for that, I made my own notebook with watercolor papers and owl dashboard to serve as a cover. I cut the sheets of watercolor papers matching the shape from the owl dashboard, isn't this cute? I am delighted with the result!

Y por último, también plastifiqué uno de los dashboard de búho y lo pegué en un marco de foto vacío, ahora lo utilizo de “pizarra” para apuntarme cosas que quiero hacer, ideas, frases inspiradoras… lo que quiera! Sólo tengo que limpiar con una toallita de bebé y puedo escribir de nuevo.

And finally, I laminated the owl dashboard and put it in a picture frame. I use this "owl board" to take note of things I want to do, to write ideas, to write inspiring quotes and other things. All I need to do to remove the writing, just to clean it with baby wipes and I can write on it again.

Con las tarjetas del mes pasado preparé un mini precioso de mi sobrina. No pongo más fotos porque esto va a ser eterno! Tenéis un video en mi instagram, aquí:

También puedes verlo en el nuevo grupo de Facebook.

With last month's journal cards, I prepared a lovely mini album of my niece. I do not put more pictures because this is going to be eternal! You can watch the video on my instagram, here:

You can also watch this on Happie Scrappie Facebook group.

Y por hoy creo que ya es suficiente! Espero que hayas podido llegar hasta el final ya que este post ha sido realmente largo!
Muchísimas gracias por leerme y espero que alguna de estas ideas te haya ayudado para darle un uso diferente a tus productos favoritos de Sam! Si haces algo parecido, me encantaría que me etiquetases en tu foto de instagram para verlo. 

And now I think that's enough! I hope you will be able to go all the way because this post was really long!
Thank you so much for reading and I hope some of these ideas can inspire you to create something from your Happie Scrappie's favorite products! If you do something, I would love to see it on Instagram or Facebook, do tag me :).

Journaling Cards - Summer Theme

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Happie Planning/Tracking Exercise And Meals

Hello, everyone! It is Wan (aka wansplansandexplorations on IG) back again. In today’s post, I am going to show you how I use July’s fauxdori planner kit to plan/track my exercise and meals (as well as some household shopping). 

As I have mentioned in my last post, I am gearing up for a house move. I know, from previous experience, that I tend to neglect my health when I am busy. Hence, I decided to start an insert to keep track of and plan my exercise as well as my meals. This month’s fauxdori insert in the planner kit was perfect because it was blank, which meant that I could customise it completely to suit my needs.

First, I laid down stickers included in the kit to mark the seven days of the week.  I wanted to keep the entire week on one page, so I divided the page into two with thin washi and laid the stickers such that Monday to Saturday were in one column, and Sunday was in the second column, next to Saturday. I chose this layout as I did not need as much space on the weekends. This is because I don’t usually engage in any specific exercise during the weekends (being family time and all), so I just needed space to track/plan my meals and my Fitbit steps. 

Once the stickers were laid down, I stamped in the days of the week using the set “Brush Dates” from Studiol2e.

Now that I have divided the page into various days, it was time to start stamping in what I have planned for and/or wanted to track each day. I started by stamping in “lunch” and “dinner” in the second column (both words are from “Plan to Eat” from Sweet Stamp Shop). I did not include “breakfast” because breakfast is essentially a green smoothie every day, and with it being unchanging, I didn’t think it was worth tracking or planning for.

I then moved to the first column and used stamps from Plan Fitness (Sweet Stamp Shop) to stamp in the exercise I have planned for the day, as well as a sneaker shoe to track my Fitbit steps.

Once that was done, this page was complete. This is really all I want to plan for/track in terms of exercise and meals for the week, as I usually do the rest of my meal planning in my Paprika App on my iPhone. Based on the meals I have planned for the week, I use the app to compile a list of groceries I need to buy, so I don’t usually write those down. However, I have found that as I go through the week, I would find bits and pieces that I would need around the house, so I decided to use the opposite page as a landing page for these odds and ends that, usually, would not end up on the list in my app (items such as toilet paper and toothpaste, i.e. essentially anything that is not food related). I stamped a grocery cart and the words “Don’t forget” (both from the set “Daily Kawaii” from Mommylhey) on a notepad page from a previous month’s planner kit and then taped the page down with washi tape on the opposite page. 

This system works for me as I always double check what meals I have planned before leaving for the grocery store to make sure that the grocery list in my app is correct and complete. If there is anything on the notepad, I just grab it too, and take it along. 

This is it from me for today. As you can see from this last picture, the two pages I have customised allow me to easily plan/track my exercise and meals (and coordinate the shopping while I am at it!).

I hope this has given you some ideas on what you can do with your Happiescrappie planner kit. Please do tag us when you post your ideas on IG as we would love to have a peek. And finally, happie planning!


Products that I used in this post.

Happie Scrappie Travel Notebook
Happie Scrappie Notepad
Washi Tapes

Binder Clips

Monday, August 3, 2015

Using Travel Notebook to Plan Vacation

Hello again, this is Lucy, also known as organisedlucy on Instagram. I can’t believe it is already August and it's time for vacation. I was so excited to receive Happie Scrappie planner kit this month. Everything is so cute and would work with any planner you have, but today I am going to show you how I use the travel notebook to plan my upcoming vacation. You may be wondering “why travel notebook and not other types of inserts”? The reason is pretty simple, I like to bring my happiedori when I travel due to the fact that it is durable and lightweight. Moreover, I can slot up to 3 travel notebooks inside it (one for travel schedule, one for brain dump and one extra notebook).

When you think of vacations, you tend to start dreaming of all the fun places to visit, the unique shopping places to go, the good food to indulge and in my case, friends that I am going to meet. I am very excited to go on this vacation because the main purpose of this trip is to attend my best friend’s wedding in Jakarta. However I usually get overwhelmed with all the lists of the things I need to do and to bring along for the vacation. Moreover, if you have ever been to Jakarta, you will know that Jakarta has the worst traffic, which is why it is even more important to plan everything ahead of time. The top of my list would be to satisfy my craving for Indonesian food and shop for my favorite local products.

Without further ado, let’s have a look at this month’s inserts. I love that this month’s travel notebook is blank as it provides so much versatility for how one can use it.

First, I started stamping on Happie Scappie stickers. I used the Studio L2E stamps sets to mark “PACKING LIST”, “SHOPPING”, “RESTAURANTS”, “DON’T FORGET”, “CARRY-ON” and “TO DO” on the Happie Scrappie Stickers. I adore this month stickers. These are beyond cute with the critters’ heads and the mushroom peeking from the corner of the stickers.

After that, all I needed to do is to paste the stickers on to the pages and I added the tiny dot stickers leftover from previous month planner kit to serve as the checklist.

With the lists done, I then planned my daily travelling schedule from Friday to Sunday,as I would be flying back to Singapore on Monday morning. I used the Brush Script stamp set from StudioL2E to stamp the day on Happie Scrappie Stickers. I then filled in my daily planned schedule. And it will be all done.

I find it very useful to record everything I need to do before my vacation as I tend to forget details if I don’t do it. And the best part is, all the planner supplies that I need come from the Happiescrappie planner kit. They totally add the touch of fun and colour to your planner.

I hope you find this post useful and happie planning everyone. See you next time.



Products that I have used in this post.

Happie Scrappie Inserts
Metal Binder Clips
Happie Scrappie Travel Notebook

Happie Scrappie Tear Drop Stickers

Happie Scrappie Tiny Dots Stickers