Sunday, September 21, 2014

Freebies⎪Happiedori & Free Printables for Midori Traveler's Notebook

Hello =) How was your weekend? I have a fairly productive weekend that I went shopping for a few hours, alone. Yes, I truly enjoy shopping alone because I would be able to make decision whether to buy/ not to buy the stuff on my own (without consulting others opinion) quicker and easier. Lol. I am more indecisive when I have friends or hubs tag along with me. 

My awesome cousin-in-law bought this cute Kate Spade bag for my big 30 =) She said this bag has my name written all over so it is a must to get for me. I am so blessed and love how the huge bow pattern on the bag matches the Kate Space gold clips perfectly.

I went to Kikki K to grab some stationeries, went to Typo to get some pens and Made With Love to grab some scrapbooking supplies. Its been two months since I shop for scrapbooking supplies and even my hubs said I should go shop for some new arrivals. lol. I also got to meet up with my girlies for quick lunch. Nothing beats having some me-time and being away from work (and baby) once in a while. After being a mommy for 18 months, I do love spending time with my toddler who never fails to amaze me, I also need a tiny bit of me-time once in a while.

Here's a pic to show some of the goodies I got over the weekends - gifts from girlies and a bit of my shopping haul. I actually have more, was too lazy to take photo of everything ;P

I recently obsessed with Midori Traveler's Notebook and also love making my own version of Fauxdori (i.e. Happiedori). I have been making a bunch of these for friends and also custom orders. I seriously couldn't believe that I actually made over 100 of Happiedori (together with my dad) within 3 weeks time. YEs, and yes, every Happiedori that you guys & girls ordered are handmade with love by me & my dad ;) And I also love the unique color combination that the customers picked that never failed to inspire me.

Here's the close-up of the cute little heart charm that I included in all the Happiedori that I made. Me and my mother-in-law found this cute charms from a shop in Petaling Street. 

Just a random notebook that I found on my dad's work desk and that reminds me that - my #stationeryaddict actually came from my lovely dad. He always like to go to stationery shop or book store to pick up really good quality pen and pencils, and always carry a little notebook with him to jot down his sketch and ideas. He is a carpenter and does some interior design sketching for customers too. And I am so proud of my dad because he self-learn how to draw interior design sketch + KDMax software on his own. He is currently using a Mark's notebook that I gave my mum and took over by dad to use as his daily notebook.

To thank everyone who has been so supportive towards my little shop, and to celebrate my 17000 Instagram followers milestone, I have a free printable to share with you here. Before you download the printables, please leave some love for my lovely IG friend @abshanghai (Arlyna) or her website to download the cute printables for personal sized planners. She is the one who designs and share this Midori Traveler's Notebook (regular sized) printables for free. Drop me a comment and let me know what you think of these printables / show me links of how you use them!

Free Printables for Midori Traveler's Notebook:
September 2014
October 2014

>> All you need to do is to print this front and back, cut off the excess on both sides, fold into half and bind them with staplers or rubber band. Easy PEasy!
I will try to make a tutorial / video to show you how to bind the printables soon. Hopefully it will not take me more than a week to blog about this =P

P.S. Do remember to drop by my little shop to see the new planners that are available for preorders now ;)

And this is a multipurpose stationery pouch that you can use to as pen case to keep all your stationery supplies on the go, or use it as travel wallet to keep your passports, ticket stubs and receipts, and it also fits the Hobonichi Techo in A6 sized perfectly! Go grab it here >> 

Happy planning!


Thursday, September 18, 2014

Happie Planner⎪Reveal Day for September 2014 Kit

Hello lovelies,

First of all, I would like to apologize that I have been revealing the kit late again =) No biggie, I have been shipping all the kits to the subscribers on 10th September and I have seen some post of Instagram that the subscribers have gotten their kits!

Here's our little helper hard at work - getting mailer bags (hundreds of mailer bags) to ship the kits and shop order your way ;)

Supervising the staff at our local post office processing the registered mails. Yes, we ship all our mails (local / International orders) with tracking info and shipping notice will be emailed within a week. 

So now let's look at the full reveal of our.....
A5 kit (which has been fully subscribed and sold out in September) ;) I promise I will do my best to put more A5 kits up next month!
This month kit is halloween themed (although you don't see any spider or spooky monsters here ;)). We have incorporated pop of orange colors into the kit, maple leaves for autumn pages and also cute cat + monster paper clips that would go well with your halloween themed pages and also everyday pages.

The cute clock sticky memo is super practical for jotting down your daily appointments / time management. And the orange bear can be folded to hide your secret message.

Can never have enough sticky memos right? Planner addict unite!

I seriously can't get enough of this orange stripe washi tape. I am currently obsessed with stripes now.

The cute one point seal: rainbow dots and black cats and Cat diary stickers would be useful for decorating your monthly calendar.

Details of the A5 sized kits: 

 A selection of  sticky notes (total 14 designs of sticky memos and page flags).
- Scary Bear with little owl and christmas tree
- Orange Dog To-Do list
- Orange bear (secret memo)- Vintage memo paper (with clips)
- Green Clock
- Garden memo (random design)
- Maple leaves in 2 sizes
- Rainbow sticky memo (in orange & green)
4 x small metal clips
2 x animal shaped binder clip (Black cat & green monster)
1 x one point seal (Black Cat)
1 x one point seal (Rainbow Dots)
1 x Cute I+M Label stickers (2 sheets)1 x  Cat diary stickers
1 x round dot stickers (Stripe: orange & mint)2 sheets of enforcement rings in bright solid color (total 80 reinforcement rings)
13 x masking sticker sheet in solid color (random selection)
3 x  Gel pen with clothespin (0.5mm - Blue, Green, Orange)
1 x orange stripe washi tape (7.5mm x 5m)

And here's the Personal sized kit (which I have 3 left! So now run and get yours here)

The panda sticky memo that can write hidden message is my fave in this kit.

Aren't those monster and cat paper clips cute?

Details of the kits: 

 A selection of  sticky notes (total 6 designs of sticky memos and page flags).
- Black Panda (secret memo)
- Vintage memo paper (with clips)
- Garden memo (random design)
- Maple leaves in 2 sizes
- Rainbow sticky memo (in orange & green)
2 x animal shaped binder clip (Black cat & green monster)
1 x one point seal (Black Cat)
1 x one point seal (Rainbow Dots)
1 x Cute I+M Label stickers (2 sheets)1 x  Cat diary stickers
1 x round dot stickers (Stripe: orange & mint)2 sheets of enforcement rings in bright solid color (total 80 reinforcement rings)
12 x masking sticker sheet in solid color (random selection)
1 x  Gel pen with clothespin (0.5mm Orange)
1 x orange stripe washi tape (7.5mm x 5m)

And I have also listed some new stationeries + planners. I know not everyone could afford genuine leather planner or filofaxes, so I have these non-leather planners up in my store for pre-orders now. 
I know a lot of you have been asking for happiedoris, I will start making and list them on the shop around 22-25th September. Stay tuned!

Here's the discount code for 10% off the new planners that I have listed for pre-order: HAPPIEPLANNER

Here's are some of the shop new arrivals that I love using recently.

Go check out my shop new pre-order items and new arrivals. Happy planning! 

p.s. I have a few good news that I CANNOT wait to share with you all! Plus a blog post about Free printables for Midori Traveler's Notebook (designed by my talented Instagram friend @abshanghai) will be up soon.


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Layout | My Favourite Type of Scrapbook Layout *Citrus Twist Kits*

Whenever I received My Citrus Twist Kits - Pocket Life and PL Embellies kit every month, I always like to sort the cards out and work on my 2~3 PL assignments first. Then I would use whatever leftover to create a layout or a card. I love that PL kits always come with 6x6 paper pad that I could play with a few pattern papers in a 12x12 layout.

Here's my recipe for creating a 12x12 layout using the 6x6 paper pad that comes in the PL kit:
1) Using light colour card stock as background. I always like to use white / cram colour card stock as my layout background so that I can go crazy with colours, embellishments and patten papers.
2) Print small photos i.e. my photo is always no bigger than 2'x3'. Smaller photos give me more room to play with papers and embellishments.
3) Make grid layout. I love to use the leftover PL cards as title for the layout. I always lay the card in different grid format and make a quick grid layout. It seems that nothing would go wrong with a grid layout. And I also like to decorate / embellish each box with cute details.

This layout is inspired by the chipboard frame that came in the PL kit. I lay the 3 frames out and found that one of the frame actually matches the size of my photo.

I also like to embellish each frame / box individually, with sticker, staplers or machine stitching. 

I like that the purple PL Card 'Good Day' matches the balloons in the photo very well ;) So matchy-matchy.

I didn't do much layering in this layout. I basically just scatter all the bits and pieces all over to form a grid layout.

The cute photo in the layout melts my heart and since I am loving Purple colour right now, this layout is one of my current faves again!


Saturday, September 13, 2014

Layouts | Special Request From The Hubs *Elle's Studio*

As I was browsing my photo gallery on my phone while missing our little one in KL (as we were on a business trip in Shanghai), I show hubs a pic of him and Ivan in Singapore Zoo. Isn't this photo the cutest that would worth a a million dollar when Ivan grow up in the future?

The hubs was asking why didn't I scrap this photo into a 12x12 layout? Hahahah… That i just because I haven't been scrapping much lately + didn't keep up with scrapping my recent photos.

I want the photo and the title to be the main focal point of the layout, So I didn't add much embellishments to the page. I just like the page as it is. Repeating the title 3 times using Elle's Studio Letter & Number stickers and adding a few tags from the September kit. Still loving how the layout and photo go so well with all the minimal embellies.

Repeatinf the title 3 times using  3 different colours of Elle's Studio Letter & Number stickers, on a piece of ruffle paper by American Crafts.

Sprinkle some sequins and added a few paint splatter. Ta-dah. A simple layout that would melt my heart every time I look at it. Thanks for looking. Do remember to check out the Elle's Studio DT gallery for more awesome inspiration.


Friday, September 12, 2014

Project Life | Behind The Scene & PL Process Video *Citrus Twist Kits*

Hello hello there! Today I have a FUN pocket life post for you. I want to show you my process video and also behind the scene of how I filmed my scrapbooking process video. And also, I have a mini invader dropping by while I was scrapping, so sorry for the shaky video ;)

Here's how I set up my iPhone up to film process video. I prefer scrapping on the floor because thats the brightest spot in my room without any shadow / dark spot while filming. I hang a phone clip on the tripod and place a piece of wooden board (exactly the same materials as my work desk) on the floor. Thats why you would see my little ones' walking around while I was filming the video.

**Scroll to the end of the post to watch my process video ;) Thank you!**

And here's the photo of the floor before I started scrapping. I always lay all the items out to see what I like and want to use. But, I never really plan my layouts or pages. I am an ad-hoc scrappers as things will never turn out the way I want it to be so I always like to just go wiht he flow when I scrap.

And how it looks like when I almost done scrapping. The little spool of washi tapes in the cups and bowls do keep my little one occupied while I was scrapping. He likes to play with washi tapes, enamel dots and also stickers. It is never too early to start young!

I don't know where does he get the idea from, he stick those enamel dots onto the floor, his toe nails and also his ears. 

Okay, and here;s the pictures of my pages using mainly September Pocket Life and PL Embellies kit. I love the spread has little gold colour in it. This page is a gentle reminder to myself on the little things that I want to remember and also the two Instagram friends that I met in Bangkok and Shanghai.

This double page spread is full of colours and I especially like the pre-stitched 4x6 card that came in the PL Embellies kit.

I also used the vellum pockets that are included in the PL Embellies kit in one of the 3x4 pockets.

Me and my Instagram friends in Shanghai and Bangkok. It is so fun to meet people from all over the world that share same interest and passion as me ;)

And I also would like to show you this fun stuff that I got from Citrus Twist Store.

I love how compact this stamp cleaner is and it is more convenient (and easy to bring around) than using the traditional stamp cleaner that came in a bottle. After stamping, all we need to do is to press/tap the clear stamps onto the cleaning pad and wipe it off with dry towel. I use baby wipes here to clean my stamps.

Okay, the cleaning pad does became stained after the ink transferred to the cleaning pad. According to the instructions, this Color Box Cleaning Pad can be refreshed with Cleaning Pad refill.

And here's my process video! I hope you enjoy peeking into my 'behind the scene' on how I film my process video and also my mini invader.


Thursday, September 11, 2014

Layouts | Pastel Colors + A Lot of White Space *Elle's Studio*

Before I started to whine about how I feel recently, I would like tp show you Elle's Studio September kit. I am in love with this month kits - that has bright colours and also a couple of cute tags that I used all  of them in my 3 layouts.

They also come with 4 coordinating add-ons:

Remember to grab yours here.

I haven't been scrapping much lately just because again, I am kind of losing mojo and also feeling a tad too overwhelmed. I have this super overwhelming feeling ever since end of July. My scrap room is in a huge mess, boxes, goodies, planners, supplies are all over the floor, my desk and even stacking up on top of my printer. And also the bed in my scrap room. Whenever my room is very occupied with stuffs & messy, I don't feel creative at all. The messier it is, the more overwhelmed I would feel.

I did spend 2 days cleaning up my room, purging supplies (from papers, tools to yarns etc) and also trying to complete a few pages here and there, packing September kit. So my room was clean for a minute and the next second it turned into a warzone once I started working on the kits / shop items. I am just hoping I feel more positive and energetic soon.

Since I am craving for space, a lot of space for my room, I made three layouts for Elle's Studio with a lot of white space. I know making pages with white background isn't something new for me, but making such white (or empty layout) without framing the borders is something uncommon for my scrapping style.

So here you go, three of my layouts which are also my current faves from using Elle's Studio September Kit & goodies. It seems that I just can't move away from creating pastel pages, because I work better with my favourite colour scheme.

When I am done layering with the tags and goodies from the kit, I feel that the layout is too flat for my liking as I didn't add any foam dots or mixed mediums. So I found a  pack of paper straws and cut them into bits and add them to my page. Love how cute it turned out!

And this layout, I actually want to make a page with a lot of squares as repeated elements, It didn't turn out as what I have expected but the cute photos of Ivan says it all. He choose the cap himself at H&M and thats the only cap that he likes & he would wear. How time flies and he already has his own preference for outfit!

I would have one more layout to share with you tomorrow. I hope I didn't babble too much in this post as I am baby wearing Ivan (as he is sick) and type with only ONE hand,

Thanks for looking. Do remember to fro by Elle's Studio DT gallery fore inspirations. =)