Monday, October 12, 2015

Project Management ‘Monster Style’

Hi, it is Wan on the blog today, and I will be showing you how I used my fauxdori insert from the October Happiescrappie kit to help me manage my design/creative team projects.

I am not the most organised person in the world, so I find myself scrambling to meet deadlines simply because there are times when I would mix up the dates, etc. I know things have to change and I was trying to work out how I could design a layout to coordinate everything when my Happiescrappie fauxdori planner kit arrived. The moment I laid eyes on the pages of the fauxdori insert, I KNEW that it would be just perfect for my project management in terms of the work I do for the creative/design teams.

This fauxdori insert is slightly different from the other ones I have received so far in that the pages are not all the same, which makes it easy to keep things interesting. It also gives you an opportunity to get super creative with layouts - win-win! After looking through the different pages, I thought the pages would work well in groups of 2 and 3 for my purpose, so that was how I planned my layouts. 

First up in the insert is the set of 2 pages that I have allocated to the month of October. As I needed three sections, I used washi tape to tape a journaling card from a previous month’s kit to one of the pages. I then stamped a heading using a picture icon and the word ‘ideas’ so that I have a place to use as a brain dump for the ideas I have for the month.

I then moved to the opposite page and labelled the little sweet post-it illustrations with stamps for the smaller projects I undertake as part of my creative/designer team work. As these are usually photos, I used a cute Instagram logo followed by a number because I usually have a target number I would like to hit (other than that required), and labelling them that way will keep me straight on where I am up to in that month.
Now that all the stamping for this set of pages had been done, I moved back to the page that I have attached the journaling card to and used stickers to demarcate the three bigger projects I usually have for the two teams before filling in the necessary information. With the due dates as well as the steps required to complete the tasks all written down, it would be so much easier for me to keep on top of things.
With that done, the layout for these 2 pages is complete and I can now easily track where I am in terms of all my creative/designer team projects for the month of October.
Next up is the layout I designed for the set of 3 pages for the month of November. As one of the pages has a blank space perfect for the brain dump, I did not use a journaling card as for the first set of pages, but just used the same stamps I used for the heading of the journaling card to label the space.
I then used stickers on the opposite page to mark out the three projects just like what I did for the first set of pages.
As for the third page, it has little squares that gives the page a similar feel to the page with the post-it illustrations, so I just went with the flow and used the page in exactly the same way as I have used the post-it illustrations. As you can see from the attached picture, I labelled the squares with the same stamps that I used for the post-it illustrations.
After stamping in the headings for the squares, this set of pages is now all ready to be used for my projects in November. As a side note, although I am currently using this insert for project management in terms of my creative/design team work, I think this kind of layout would work too, with some adaptation (like different headings), for any kind of project management (project life, gardening, paper crafting, etc).

And this is it from me for today. I hope that this post has given you some ideas on how you can use your fauxdori planner kit. Have fun and Happie planning! 

~ Wan

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Monster Theme Fauxdori Inserts
Forest Critters Label Stickers
Heart Checklist Stickers

Popsicle Summer Journaling Cards

Friday, October 2, 2015

All About my Little Monster

Hello again!

Today I’m excited to be showing you the completely adorable monster themed Happie Scrappie planner kit! 
If you know me, you know that I’m a fauxdori girl through and through and so I have the fauxdori kit goodies to show you today.

When Sam was designing the kit and I was designing the Limited Edition Confettidori to go along with it, we had no idea what the other was doing and so it was a very happy accident to see that we chose the same design for the interior of the Confettidori and the cover of the fauxdori insert! I love how completely happy and bright this Confetidori is when I open it!
This month Sam designed some acrylic key chain charms to go with the kits and they were a home run success in my opinion! They feel very expensive and well made, nice and heavy and the designs are so completely cute.  And I LOVE that she decided to add a gold chain to them.  Perfection!  Wish I had one of every design!
This kit reminds me so much of the little 2-year-old monster in my life so I decided to dedicate my fauxdori insert to my little monster.
This fauxdori insert is absolutely to die for.  It is full of TONS of different styles of pages; listing pages, and coloring pages, and pages with little sticky notes, and pages with big squares to fill in and lined pages and grid pages.  Some of the pages are in color and some are in black and white.  I’m completely obsessed.
With so many different styles of pages it makes it easy to add a bit of your own flair and end up with a beautiful page you can be proud of. 
Sometimes when you have a fauxdori insert and all the pages are the same, it can be hard to come up with the creative spark to fill them all, but this insert with all of its random pages makes it so super easy to feel inspired!
I added a sheet from the little undated calendar notepad that came with the kit to track my water intake.  Since this insert will be more for my little monster, I may change that calendar out for one that tracks my daily journaling about him.
Another page in this insert I used for tracking some of the cute things that Wyatt has been saying and doing lately.  He is changing all the time; so I love that I can easily have a place to jot these little things down to help me remember how cute he was at this age! 
Thanks so much for reading this post!  I hope you feel inspired to pull out all of the cute bits from the kit and have some fun!! 

I’d love to see what you do with your insert!  Feel free to tag me if you post any pictures of what you create!

Till next time and with lots of love,
Teddi Confetti

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Monday, September 28, 2015

What Do I Do With All of These Journaling Cards?

Hi Happie Scrappie girls! It’s Teddi Confetti here with a blog post using the super duper gorgeous August makeup themed Happie Scrappie kit!
This month I wanted to show you one way that you can use those gorgeous custom designed 3x4 cards that are often included in the happie planner kits!
I don’t know about you guys, but I have quite a few of these little cards in my life!  I really love all the gorgeous designs and sayings, but I sometimes struggle to find uses for them all. 
This month I decided to take my favorite cards and fussy cut around the designs to create ephemera pieces that I used to decorate my planner. 
This was a semi-painful process for me at first because cutting out the design on one side will usually ruin the design on the opposite side.  I reminded myself that if I didn’t find a use for these pretty cards they would go to waste anyway, so I mustered up the courage and started clipping out the cute little designs.
Even though it was a little painful at first to cut up those gorgeous cards, I was really really happy with how it all turned out!
I actually even clipped some of the cute designs from the packaging to use as ephemera pieces.  I loved the little perfume bottles from the perfume sticker packaging!
I also clipped out the little stamp that Sam adds to the paper bag that the whole kit comes in and added it to my page, and snipped the little flowers off the top of a few of the stick markers to use as a bit of added decoration!
I included this page marker that I “made” by simply hole punching the marker using my arc planner style punch.  I laid the unpunched page marker in my planner along side the rings with a bit sticking out the top.  I then put a little dot where the first hole should be and punched!  Now I can easily find my current week! The marker is made from lovely heavy-duty card stock, so there’s no need to laminate (unless you really want to)!
Last but not least I hung the little high heel charm from the happy planner rings.  The perfect finishing touch!
Thanks so very much for taking the time to read!  Feel free to tag me if you guys decide to clip out the cute designs from your happie planner kit cards! I would love love love to see what you create!! 

With love,


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Friday, September 25, 2015

Using the August Kit in my Agenda

Hello! It’s Ruthie (@threadofhearts) sharing with you how I’ve used the August Happie Planner Kit.  This month was a make-up theme which was super girly and cute!  The illustrations by Sarazorel (IG: @sarazorel) were beautiful and the journaling cards were some of my favorite to date (I probably say that every month)!  First off, the dashboard is gorgeous.  I love that the quote is the first thing I see as I open my agenda. 

The journaling cards are so beautiful that I’ve used them throughout my agenda simply as decoration.  I used a post it note with a side tab to avoid having to hole-punch the actual card.  It’s a trick I picked up somewhere in the planner world.  ;)

To get the most out of my inserts, I decided to cut some of them in half.  My to-do list is usually not too long, and by cutting them I can repurpose the bottom half.  I usually stamp on a header and use them randomly for groceries, errands, or goals.

One of my favorite things to make for planners are pockets.  You can never have too many of them!!  For this month, I used two of the punched inserts to create one.  I simply cut one of the inserts diagonally and attached it on top of another insert.  To attach them you can sew them or use glue/double sided tape.  Easy Peasy!!  Cute and functional!! 

For this kit, Sam also included a cute pack of sticky notes.  I simply laminated one and its now being used to hold some of my favorite washitape !  It can also be used as a small page marker in your planner or as a bookmark in your favorite book. 

I hope you have enjoyed this post!  I always have fun opening up the kit and trying to figure out ways of incorporating it into my planner.  I’m hoping next month I can set-up my Happiedori!!  As always, feel free to tag me in your Instagram photos to show me how you’ve used up your planner goodies.  “Happie” planning friends! 

Ruthie @threadofhearts

Things that I used in this blog post.

Dashboard and Page Marker
Beauty Theme Journaling Cards

Makeup Theme Personal Inserts

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Ideas for using some of your Happie Planner Kit supplies / Ideas para usar tus artículos de tu kit de Happie Scrappie

Hello everyone! I’m Carla aka @carladetaboada on Instagram and I’m here today with you to share a fun layout in my gold Lovedoki planner with some of the cutest planner goodies from the Happie Planner Kit!
I love to receive my Happie Planner Kit each month! Because it’s always full of fun and lovely planner goodies that will work perfect on any planner you have.  Using a planner kit can help you get started faster on planning, because the items are pre-coordinated, and Sam always have the cutest ideas for planner supplies so your receive every month a pack of wonderful stationeries! 

¡Hola a todos! Soy Carla, también conocida como @carladetaboada en Instagram y el día de hoy estoy aquí con ustedes para compartir un divertido diseño que he preparado en mi agenda dorada Lovedoki  usando la bella papelería del Kit de Happie Planner!

¡Adoro recibir mi Kit de Happie Planner cada mes!  Porque está siempre está lleno de los más lindos y divertidos accesorios que quedan perfectos en cualquiera de las agendas que tengas. Usar un kit dedicado especialmente para tu planificación es la mejor manera para organizarte más rápido y efectivamente, porque ya todos los elementos del kit vienen pre-coordinados, y Sam siempre tiene las más lindas ideas para los accesorios de tu agenda. ¡Y así recibes cada mes un paquete lleno de la más linda papelería y accesorios para decorar tu agenda favorita!

I love to carry a variety of planner supplies with me, so I’m always creating new and fun things with the planner supplies I receive. Like in this case, I added a clear photo pocket to my cute Owl Dashboard from the July kit just using some runner tape, and I love how its little arms are like hugging these cute supplies! The great thing about using clear pockets is that you can actually see your supplies and use them more. I added some stickers, some journaling cards and some tags that I love to use, especially when I have to write a quick little note to someone, so I just can open my planner, grab a tag, write the note and add a cute sticker to it. And I also really enjoy mixing and matching my supplies from different kits to add that color pop to my planner!

A mí me encanta llevar una variedad de accesorios conmigo para mi planificación, por ello siempre estoy creando nuevas y divertidas cosas con las cosas que recibo en mis kits. Como en este caso, añadí un bolsillo de foto transparente a este bello Dashboard de Búho del kit de Julio, únicamente usando corredor de adhesivo (tape runner), y me encanta como sus pequeños bracitos abrazan estos bellos artículos! Lo genial de usar sobres plásticos transparentes es que de hecho puedes ver los suplementos que tienes y así usarlos más. Aquí puse algunos stickers (pegatinas), algunas tarjetas (journaling cards) y algunas etiquetas de papel que me gusta siempre llevar conmigo pues son súper prácticas, especialmente cuando tengo que escribir alguna notita rápida para alguien, y lo que único que necesito hacer es sacar una de ellas, escribir y añadirle un lindo sticker. Además, me divierte mucho mezclar diferentes accesorios de los diferentes kits para añadirle algo más de color a mi agenda.

Something else I created was this adorable page marker that I made using one of the cute fox journaling cards from this kit. I cut out a piece of scrapbook paper, stamp a lovely fox at the bottom to combine with the theme, added the journaling card at the top and laminated it. And I use it not only as a page marker, but also I can carry some of my daily notes that I usually write on sticky notes or journaling cards.

Algo más que creé fue este adorable marcador de página que hice usando une de las preciosas tarjetas de zorros que trajo el kit. Corte una pieza de papel de scrapbook del tamaño deseado, estampé un lindo zorro en la parte de abajo que combina con el tema, añadí la tarjeta de zorro en la parte de arriba del papel de scrapbook y lo pasé por la laminadora. Y no sólo lo uso como marcador de página, sino también para llevar mis notas del día que suelo escribir en notitas adhesivas o tarjetas.
In addition, I made these adorable laminated tags using some of the notepad papers from different kits and a gorgeous gold foil journaling card. I used some cute stamps to add a little something to each of these before I laminated them, like “Sprinkles on top” for the ice cream van, perfect for Shopping Lists, “Remember and Today/Tomorrow” for my on the go To Do Lists, and “Wanderlust” for that cute hot air balloon for my Wish List. As I don’t usually use the charms on my planners I decided to put these ones to embellish some of my tags and cute ribbons for the other ones and I love how they came out! As these tags are laminated it’s super easy to write on them using a dry erase marker, and this way I can use them as many times as I wish!

Adicionalmente, hice estas adorables etiquetas laminadas usando algunas hojitas de los blocs de notas que han venido en diversos kits y una preciosa tarjeta con detalles dorados. Usé algunos sellos para añadir un pequeño toque a estas hojitas antes de laminarlas, como “Sprinkles on top” para el carrito de helados, perfecto para mis Lista de Compras, “Remember y Today/Tomorrow” para la hojita del  panda, ideal para mi lista de quehaceres, y “Wanderlust” para el bello globo aerostático para mi lista de deseos. Como generalmente no uso mis dijes en mis agendas, decidí poner estos como decoración de dos de las etiquetas y cintas decorativas para los otros dos ¡Y me encanta como quedaron! Como estas etiquetas están laminadas (plastificadas) es súper fácil escribir mis listas con un marcador de borrado en seco, así las puedo volver a utilizar las veces que quiera!

Lastly, I decided to make another fun pocket using the lovely Fox Dashboard that came in my kit. I just sewed a piece of this gorgeous gold stars foil vellum paper to it. And again I just love how its little arms are hugging the cute pocket!

Finalmente, decidí hacerme un bolsillo más usando el Dashboard de Zorro que vino también en este kit. Simplemente cosí a máquina una pieza del tamaño adecuado de este bello papel de vitela de estrellas doradas. Y, como dije antes, ¡me encanta como los pequeños bracitos del zorro abrazan el bolsillo lleno de mis implementos de decoración y organización favoritos!

Well, I think that’s enough for now. I really hope this post has inspired you to play more with your lovely happie planner supplies! If you want to see more planning inspiration please follow me on Instagram @carladetaboada.

Bueno, creo que eso fue todo por ahora. Realmnte espero que mi pequeño post les haya inspirado a jugar un poco más con sus accesorios y papelería de los maravillosos kits de Happie Scrappie! Si desean un poco más de inspiración no duden en seguirme en mi página de Instagram @carladetaboada.
¡Que tengan un bello día!
Hope you all have a great day!