Friday, July 24, 2015

Setting Up Planners With Happie Scrappie Planner Kit

Hello! This is Ruthie and I instagram over at @threadofhearts. Today I will share with you some of my favorites from the HappieScrappie Planner Kit and how I incorporate these goodies in my planner. 

I tend to use only one planner for all my needs, but most recently I set-up a mini filofax as my wallet and to carry some of my to-do lists.  If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I tend to switch out planners often.  I love that binder systems allow for that kind of versatility.  In my personal sized planner I carry my monthly view, weekly view, and most recently a daily insert.   One of the features that I love most about the Happiescrappie kits is that it includes exclusive items such as inserts, notepad papers, stickers and journaling cards created by Sam.  I love that the kits revolve around a theme which makes it easy to create cute set-ups in my planner.   Using some of the inserts included in the kit, I created daily inserts to suit my needs.  I used the stickers to create a date slot and the round dot stickers as a checklist.  I included a bit of washi and cut out a portion of the notepad list to create a smaller sticky note.  I love how colorful and “happy” the insert looks-and it’s functional too!

For my dashboard I used one of the inserts in the kit and laminated it.  I currently use it to keep some of my favorite sticky notes on hand.  Since it is laminated it can also be used as a dry erase sheet for to-do’s or other lists.  It is an easy and fun project for your planner.

I mentioned earlier that I recently set-up a mini filofax as my wallet.  I noticed a mini size is not a size commonly used, and I found it almost impossible to find cute inserts for it.  I took to the kit and created my own using the same concept as with the daily inserts for my personal size.  Except this time, I trimmed down the sheets in the notepad to fit in the mini filofax.  I used the stickers to create a checklist and voila cute inserts! The same can be done for a pocket size planner and no trimming is needed-they fit perfect.

I’m hoping this post has inspired you to use the Happiescrappie kit in different ways with your various planners.  Have a fanstastic rest of the week.  “Happie” planning friends!




Things that I used in this post. 

Happie Scrappie Inserts

Monday, July 20, 2015

Using Items From The Happie Scrappie Planner Kit For The #onebookjuly2015 Challenge

Hello! It’s Mits (@mylifemits). I hope you’re doing well and are having a great week so far.  I’m super duper excited to be here writing to you about how I’m using some of the Happie Scrappie goodies for this month. 

When I first opened my Happie Scrappie planner kit, I knew exactly what I was going to use it for. The One Book July challenge.  If you’ve never heard about this challenge, it’s basically using one notebook, one pen, for one month (in this case July). I decided to use my Happiedori (Traveler’s notebook) as my ‘one notebook’. I have always wanted to try using a traveler’s notebook for my planning and was so excited to see that Sam created such cute weekly inserts for the June kit, it was perfect how things just fell into place for this challenge. 

If you want to see how I set up my Happiedori for this challenge, please feel free to check out the video.

I absolutely love the weekly insert as it is so cute and colourful just as it is. I like to decorate my pages, but with these inserts, I don't feel the pressure to have to washi tape or add stickers since it is already so pretty and colourful. It’s perfect for weeks where I am too tired..ahem, lazy to decorate. ^^”

Another thing I have really enjoyed using this month is her exclusive stickers that she has made for the planner kits.

As you can see in the photo, I have used these heart stickers to write down the dates for my weekly insert. They're perfect sizing for the space. I like to change up the colours for the weekends :) I have also used the banner stickers as a title to highlight any sections within my notes.

In the photo below, I decided to utilize the banner stickers and make tabs /sections in my notebook. Perfect for this one book challenge.  

Feel free to check out the video below where I talk about my progress with the challenge and show you how I decorate/plan this week’s pages :)

What are some of your favourites of the month? I hope you found this post useful and were able to gain some ideas on how you could use the goodies from the Happie Scrappie Planner Kit for your planning needs :)

Wishing you all the best and happy planning !

xoxo, Mits

Things I have used in this post. 


Monday, July 13, 2015

Love from Spain

Buenos días a to@s!
Soy María, soy española, y vivo en Madrid, si me seguís por instagram (@mariacgbc), ya sabréis que adoro las cosas bonitas y en especial las que crea Sam, además de los sellos claro!
Estoy encantada de poder compartir un poquito de mi proceso creativo, por si os sirve de inspiración, o si os da alguna idea para vuestras agendas, o lo que sea!

En estos momentos estoy usando varias agendas, de distintos tamaños, pero para cosas distintas también! 

Good morning to all!
Here Maria, I am Spanish, and I live in Madrid, if you follow me on instagram (@mariacgbc), you will know that I love beautiful things and especially Sam’s creations, along with the stamps!
I am delighted to share a bit of my creative processes, to inspire you, or to give you ideas for your planners.

Right now I am using various planners, in different sizes, but for different purposes too!

En España no es muy común tener tantas, y eso que yo tengo muy pocas comparado con lo que he visto por la red!
A diario uso una agenda (personal size) por la comodidad de llevarla encima, el tamaño me parece perfecto! Además de las tareas que tengo que hacer, la uso como recordatorio de qué he hecho, para luego hacer mi project life, que no llevo muy al día… me pasa sólo a mi?
Para tener en mi escritorio, uso una agenda A5, y para dibujar, hacer un poco de mix media y experimentar uso mi happiedori, que por cierto, adoro!

Antes de hacer nada, veo con qué cosas voy a “jugar” ese día

In Spain it is not very common to have many planner supplies, and I have very little of those compared to what we have seen over the internet!
For daily usage, I picked a personal size planner due to the size which makes it convenience to bring it everywhere! In addition to the tasks I have to do (that I write in my planner), I use it as a reminder of what I have done (journaling), and then do my project life, but I do not keep myself up to date with it ... It just happen to me I guess?

For on the desk planner, I use an A5 planner. And for drawing, creating some mix media, and testing purposes, I use my happiedori, which BTW, I love it so much!

Before doing anything, usually I will look at my planners supplies that I will "play with" for that day.

Esta semana he decidido estampar estas banderolas para marcar los días (en los colores del arcoíris, por supuesto!) he apuntado las cosas que tengo que hacer esta semana (en casa y en el trabajo) y he usado pegatinas para decorar, todavía pondré más, hasta que acabe la semana….

This week I decided to stamp these banners stamps to mark the days (in the colors of the rainbow, of course!) I have listed the things that I have to do this week (at home and at work) and I used stickers to decorate the inserts. I added more stickers until the end of the week ....

(He decidido usar una de las hojas del kit de mayo, tema globos aerostáticos)

(I decided to use A5 inserts from May planner kit "hot air balloons theme")

Y en la parte derecha de la agenda puedo apuntar cosas que tengo que hacer, marcadas con pegatinas que vienen en el kit, pero no hay un día concreto para hacerlas, (sólo tengo que no olvidarme!) (esta idea es de mi compañera Wan @wansplansandexplorations) y otras pegatinas para decorar, porque me gusta! También he añadido la lista de la compra, así, el día que vaya, sólo tengo que despegarla y no olvidaré nada necesario!

And on the right side of the planner, I listed down things that I have to do, labeled them with the stickers that come in the kit, but no specific day for them, (this is to ensure I do not forget about the lists) (This idea is inspired by Wan @wansplansandexplorations) and I put more stickers to decorate, because I love them! I also added the shopping list, so when I need to go shopping, all I have to do is just peel it off. This is just making sure that I will not miss anything.

Como veis, también me gusta decorar con sellos y dibujos, y para eso las hojas de Sam son PERFECTAS! Os gusta estampar? A mi me encanta! Pero por desgracia, las agendas que he tenido hasta ahora no me permitían hacerlo tanto como quiero porque se ve el estampado por el otro lado…. Ahora soy libre de hacerlo tantas veces como quiera, oh yeah!

As you can see, I also like to decorate with stamps and drawings, and Sam’s papers are PERFECT! Do you like stamping? I love it! Unfortunately, the planners that I have had so far prevented me from doing as much as I wanted to do as the back of the stamped pages always showed little shadowing .... Now I'm free to do it any way I want, oh yeah!

Para la agenda que llevo encima, siempre decoro antes de empezar a usarla, creo que es porque si no lo veo bonito, no me apetece ni abrirla.

For the planner that I always carry with me, I decorated it before I start using it, I think it is because if I see it's not pretty, I do not feel like using it. 

(semana decorada)

(decorated week layout)

(todas las semanas meto alguna tarjeta, o nota (del block de notas que viene en el kit) para animarme durante la semana

(every week I put a card or a notepad (the notepad that comes in the kit) to add more fun during the week

Y por último, mi adorado happiedori (Sam, quiero más)

And finally, my beloved happiedori (Sam, I want more!)

También lo llevo encima muy a menudo, para tomar notas de ideas (siempre pensando en cosas que hacer, probar o ideas en general, frases que  me gustan….) y es realmente perfecto y cómodo. Llevo varios inserts, cada uno de ellos con diferentes cosas.

I carry it very often, to take notes, to brainstorm ideas (always thinking of things to do, try, or ideas in general, phrases that I like ....) And it is really perfect and comfortable. I took several inserts, each filled with different things.

Uno para ideas en general, o cosas que tengo que consultar más adelante.
Otro para dibujar, estampar, poner washi….

One Insert for general ideas or things I need to check later.
The second insert is for drawing, stamping, washi tapes samples storage ....

Otro para tener una visión general de la semana.
Y otro que uso principalmente para hacer pruebas de mix media, acuarelas y sellos sobre todo!

The third insert is for an overview of the week.
And the last insert is mainly for mix media testing, particularly watercolors and stamps!

Habéis visto el “charm” de polo? (popsicle) está hecho copiando el dibujo del separador/dashboard de Sam, y luego he usado shrink plastic.

Have you seen the popsicle charm? It is made from shrink plastic. I was inspired by Sam's Page Marker design from June Planner kit. 

Bueno, y hasta aquí por hoy, espero que os haya gustado o al menos haber cogido alguna idea interesante, nos vemos pronto con más inspiración!

Well, today is up to here, I hope you like it or at least you are inspired with some interesting idea, see you soon with more inspiration!

Besos y abrazos!

Washi Tape

Monday, July 6, 2015

Injecting Organisation and Fun Into A House Move

Hello, everyone! This is Wan (aka wansplansandexplorations on IG) here. Thank you very much for joining me on today’s blog post. I hope you are ready to have fun with some Happiescrappie goodies!
I am pretty sure most people would agree with me that a house move is super stressful, not least because there are one million and one things to do, and inevitably, some important things get forgotten till the very last minute.  I have moved more than 10 times in my life (with some cross continental moves), and one would think that it would be a walk in the park for me by now, but sadly, I still struggle every time I move, the last being 3 years ago. Well, no matter how much I detest moving, we have another move coming up in about 7 weeks, and this time around, I am determined to stay (more) organised, especially when I have a 4 year old who is always ready to throw a spanner in the works.  I also figure that if I have to stay organised, I might as well have some fun while doing it. And what better way to have fun than involving some gorgeous planner supplies in the mix, right? So today, I am going to show you how I used Happiescrappie’s fauxdori planner kit to help me with my house move.
First up, the cover of the fauxdori. I usually decorate the covers of my inserts to go with whatever I am using them for.  However, look at how pretty this insert cover is! I can’t bear to cover it up, so I just left it as it is. I reckon it can even serve as a reminder to me to try and embrace and love the journey.

Now for the inside of the insert. Happiescrappie (aka Sam) has designed the week to be on one page with the other page being grid style.  Such a layout, in my opinion, is really flexible and I will now show you how I have customised it so that it completely serves my needs for this house move.  First, I used the skinny washi tape included in the planner kit to divide the page with the week printed on into two. The left hand column is for any appointments scheduled for that day while the right hand column is for any to-dos I have to accomplish on that day.  To distinguish between the two columns, I stamped the heading “to do” at the top of the right hand column. I also stamped a checklist in that column so that I can check things off as they get done. It is simple, but very effective for me. 

For the grid style page, I am using it as a reminder page for the people I need to contact and the things I have to buy/order that week. This works well for me in view of the fact that I usually make phone calls or write emails as and when I have time, and it is therefore much better that I do not schedule them on a certain day but rather, keep it fluid for that week. And as many of you know, there is often a wait between ordering furniture and appliances and their delivery date, so it is important that I get things ordered by a certain week in the countdown to our move. To make things extra clear on the page, I used stickers included in the kit for the two headings “To contact” and “To buy” (I must admit to using last month’s stickers for these headings because Sam usually includes so many that I never use them up in any particular month). I also use a cute binder clip from Sam to attach the contact details of the people I have to reach that week to the page. This way, I have them close at hand and do not have to waste time looking for anything when I have a minute to make that phone call or fire off that email. 

So there you have it, the insert that would act as House Move Central in the remaining 7 weeks I have till the move. As you can see, this layout works really well for me because while I have appointments and to-dos for a particular day, I also have certain to-dos/deadlines that are more to do with that week and those could be laid out in the opposite page.  

I hope this post has been useful and has given you some ideas on how you can customise Happiescrappie’s inserts to your own needs. And from this last picture, I am sure you can appreciate that the planner kit includes a ton of goodies that are geared specifically towards helping you on this journey.  Have a great week, and happy planning!